The right candidate is waiting for you
Infinity Neuron works with companies to find the best talent available for various technical roles. We do more than match skill-sets; we match people by putting the right person in the right position at the right time – the first time.

How We Can Help

We find capable individuals and recruit for a wide variety of industries looking for full-time employees as well as short- and long-term contractors.

  • Do you need a Contract or full time consultants working on site or virtually?
  • Do you want a new employee?
  • Should we take care of the extras and provide you with a Contract or full time consultants for your positions?
  • Do you have a need for a part time Consultant?

Infinity Neuron provides valuable advice, is responsive, helpful, proactive and keeps you updated. Contact Infinity Neuron to help you meet your unique needs.

The Process

Before a single application is reviewed, expert staffing professionals partner with organizational leaders to fully understand business needs. This exploration covers a study of the proposed project, as well as a complete understanding of company culture and position requirements.

A detailed analysis includes examination of project timelines, existing talent available in-house and extent of general knowledge. Once this is complete, a strong team of Recruiters and the Account Manager make a comprehensive recommendation that includes the specific skill sets and domain expertise required for the project role.

Resource Identification

The best staffing companies in USA. don’t begin the sourcing process after they have reviewed clients’ needs. Instead, they have worked to identify candidates over a long period of time, developing a clear understanding of each individual’s strengths. These relationships — along with innovative sourcing technology — mean clients are matched with experts specifically qualified for business needs, with the specialized skills necessary to ensure accurate, on-time delivery.

Once appropriate candidates are identified, recruiters conduct thorough screenings to confirm the best possible fit. These candidates are then submitted to the client for further interviews. Account Managers at Infinity Neuron ensure there is clear communication between clients and candidates throughout the process.

Continued Support

Deploying resources to a client’s location doesn’t mean the end of the staffing agency’s involvement. We at Infinity Neuron continue to monitor client satisfaction and are prepared to fully support any contingencies during the project work.