Connected Car


Connected Car Technology

Predict road conditions and traffic situations in advance

Connected car technologies are already here, and they’re changing the driving experience from day to day. Tier 1 companies and OEMs are going through a dramatic digital transformation that’s impacting the entire automotive industry and the whole global market. A car is no longer just a mean of transportation; it has become a personal device that operates within a complex digital ecosystem using connected car software. Car manufacturers see great opportunities in connected vehicle solutions – as well as technological challenges that help them to solve using software development expertise and our narrow experience in the automotive industry.

Connected car technology is quickly reshaping the future of the global automotive industry, but the future of the automobile will be defined by connected car telematics. Automotive telematics, which combines telecommunications and vehicle informatics, enables vehicles to share data with the outside world, and it’s big business. The global automotive market is projected to reach large by 2022. Market revenue will be shared between OEMS and the growing list of companies whose products and services comprise the Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystem.

connected car services uses big data technologies, highly secure cloud infrastructure, and precise navigation systems to help Tier 1 automotive companies address their challenges and scale. In the scope of connected car solution, you get remote diagnostic and maintenance, real-time road information, OTA updates, and personalized online experience to transform a car into a personal device. Our experts help you get the most out of the In-Vehicle technologies (IN-V), telematics, and wireless connectivity to improve infotainment, safety, security, and V2X communications. Our experts have a hand on experience working with head unit systems to implement control elements for touchscreens and securely maintain onboard data.